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Summer Hotel Packages in Tempe, Arizona

May 14, 2014

Summer is just around the corner, and Tempe Mission Palms has the perfect hotel package just for you!  The Sizzling Summer offer and the Summer Scorcher package are the best hotel deals in Phoenix this season.


The Great Arizona Beer Festival in Tempe, Arizona

February 26, 2014

On Saturday, March 1st, people from all over the Phoenix area will come to Tempe Town Lake for the 26th Annual Great Arizona Beer Festival.  Attendees can expect over 200 brews from more than 50 breweries, each sampling their proudest brewing achievements.

Valentine’s Packages in Tempe, Arizona

January 21, 2014

Love is in the air, as Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Tempe Mission Palms is the perfect choice to take your Valentine for a romantic getaway in Tempe with our special offer.


Halloween Fun at Tempe Mission Palms

October 30, 2013

Every Halloween, the staff at Tempe Mission Palms in Tempe, Arizona has a pumpkin carving contest.  Each department receives a pumpkin to carve, and they are displayed in the lobby during the week of Halloween. 


Book Your Summer Travel to Tempe Now, and Save!

April 04, 2013

The Countdown to Summer in Tempe, Arizona has begun! With summer quickly approaching, now is the time to book your deluxe accommodations at Tempe Mission Palms, and receive our best rates of the season. 


Pinterest for Planning a Wedding and Honeymoon

March 25, 2013

Pinterest has become the “go-to” website for wedding and honeymoon planning, allowing users to organize and store photos from all across the web. The social platform started in 2010, and now Pinterest has over 11 million users “pinning” their favorite images from all types of categories such as hobbies, events, interests, weddings, and more. Users can “re-pin” these ideas to their own “boards,” so they are able to go back and look at the photos, and associated websites, at their leisure.

St. Patrick’s Day Events in Tempe, Arizona

March 08, 2013

There are plenty of ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Tempe this year! Whether you are truly Irish, or Irish-at-heart, on this day there is an event for you to celebrate.  So come on and party like a leprechaun – Tempe Mission Palms is just a short walk to all these events:


Tempe is a Baseball Lover's Paradise

February 21, 2013

It’s that time of the year again – spring training baseball games in Arizona! With 15 teams training in the Phoenix metropolitan area, it is a baseball lover’s paradise. 


January Events in Tempe, Arizona

January 04, 2013

The mild January weather lends itself to a vast array of activities in the “Valley of the Sun.” Tempe Mission Palms is in the heart of the action and just minutes from many of these Tempe events:



New Year’s Eve in Tempe, Arizona

December 14, 2012

Once again this year, Tempe is the ultimate place to spend New Year’s Eve in Arizona. For the first time in many years, there will be no gates around Mill Avenue, no admission fee, and no street closures around downtown Tempe. Area restaurants and nightclubs will offer entertainment and extended premises for the evening. Radio Disney and the city of Tempe are also partnering to offer family entertainment and children's activities. Fireworks will light up the sky at both 9:00 p.m. and midnight. 


Festival of the Arts in Tempe, Arizona

November 28, 2012

Mill Avenue in Tempe, Arizona hosts the semi-annual “Tempe Festival of the Arts,” this November 30 – December 2, 2012. This free festival ranks among the top 200 art festivals in the nation, and attracts nearly 225,000 visitors to the Mill Avenue District over the three day weekend. 


Holiday Drink Recipes from Tempe Mission Palms

November 20, 2012

Our Harry’s Place “Mixologist” has been hard at work to create cocktails that can easily be made at home.  We invite you to try this “Pumpkin Pie Martini” or “Hot Chocolate Cherry Bomb” this holiday season, as they are a hit here at Tempe Mission Palms.  These drinks would be a perfect night-cap by the fire, or an easy “signature” cocktail at your next party.  Cheers!


Cranberry Tartlet Holiday Recipe

October 31, 2012

Chef Bill Salade created this delicious cranberry dessert that is perfect for your special occasion! We are sure your guests will love the tartness of the fresh cranberries, brightness of the orange zest, and that wonderful "Fall" combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. The bark is the finishing touch that will put this Destination Dish over the top - enjoy!



The Trusted Place to Hold Meetings in Tempe, Arizona - Tempe Mission Palms

October 31, 2012

Tempe, Arizona is buzzing with new businesses, especially on Mill Avenue. Several restaurants and bars, including the “Handlebar and Grill” and “World of Beer” have opened to rave reviews. Mill Avenue also hosts many other businesses, and some of the latest are “Eastside Records,” “TriSports,” and “Allstate Insurance.” With accolades such as “BusinessWeek naming Tempe as one of the nation’s best cities to start a business,” it is easy to see why Mill Avenue is growing with such momentum.


The Best Patio Dining and Cocktails in Tempe - at Harry's Place

October 17, 2012

Tempe Mission Palms is the place to be this fall for outdoor entertainment in Tempe!  The cooler weather, inviting patio with fireplace, and friendly staff make Harry’s Place a top choice for a relaxing cocktail or a tasty bite to eat.


The Newest Technology for Meetings in Tempe, Arizona

October 03, 2012

Tempe Mission Palms and Swank Audio Visual are proud to introduce the latest meeting technology – “Mobile Meeting Manager.”  This innovative app for your smartphone or tablet will allow your attendees to get all meeting information at the tip of their finger, and allow the planner to eliminate the cost of printing agendas, speaker lists, and other meeting information. 


Destination Dish October Apple Recipe

October 01, 2012

Chef Bill Sallade, our Executive Sous Chef, created this unique recipe using apple as the star ingredient. This dish is perfect for that special occasion, and is light enough for a fancy luncheon or a great appetizer for your fall dinner party menu.  Enjoy!

 Port Wine Poached Sour Apple with Organic Greens, Toasted Walnuts, Fresh Berries, Gorgonzola Cheese, and Maple Bourbon Reduction


Green Chile Pork for the Slow Cooker

September 28, 2012

Executive Chef Michael Scott has re-interpreted the Tempe Mission Palms Green Chile Pork dish as a slow cooker recipe for you to try at home.  Enjoy!  


Fun in Tempe, Arizona

September 21, 2012

The secret is out. Tempe, Arizona is one of the most affordable, fun cities in America!  According to Bloomberg Business Week, Tempe is third in the country, just behind Ocean City, Maryland and Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Welcome to the Races in Tempe!

September 11, 2012

With autumn quickly approaching, athletes in Arizona are dusting off their bikes, buying new running shoes, and training for the races in Tempe. 


Destination Dish Recipe - Portabella Mushroom and Peanut Butter Panini Recipe

September 04, 2012

Mushrooms are the Destination Dish ingredient for September, and Tempe Mission Palms Hotel's Executive Sous Chef Bill Sallade knocked it "Out of the Park" with this recipe for a panini!  Enjoy!

Portabella Mushroom and Peanut Butter Panini with Asian Slaw and Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sauce Recipe:


Relax in Tempe, Arizona

August 31, 2012

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Mill Avenue is Tempe Mission Palms, an “Oasis” right in the heart of downtown Tempe, Arizona.  People enjoy shopping, an extensive list of restaurants, and vibrant nightlife all within a one mile perimeter, but when it comes time to take a moment to get away from it all, the courtyard of Tempe Mission Palms is the place to be.

The Countdown to Winter Vacation in Tempe, Arizona

August 14, 2012

Many people feel as though they are experiencing the movie, “Groundhogs Day” on the regular basis, where every day feels the same. They wake up, drive to work, do the same tasks all day, talk with the same people, drive home, eat dinner, watch TV and go to bed - or at least some variation of that. More often than not, we can’t even remember what we ate for lunch, or which outfit we wore yesterday, as the days just seem to mush together.  What saves us from this wash-rinse-repeat cycle?


Crab, Peach, & Avocado Salad

August 09, 2012

With the bountiful peaches available this time of year in Arizona, Executive Chef Michael Scott of Tempe Mission Palms created this summer salad recipe.  The tartness of the ripe peaches, sweetness of honey, and rich crabmeat are sure to please your taste buds while not heating up your kitchen.  This no-cook recipe looks fancy and special, but is simple to prepare and delicious.  Enjoy! 


World of Beer in Tempe!

August 03, 2012

Tempe Mission Palms is in the heart of almost 50 bars and restaurants in Tempe’s Mill Avenue District. One can find well-known restaurants such as Gordon Biersch, Jimmy John’s, and P.F. Chang’s, and specialty mom & pop places like House of Tricks and Café Boa.  All of these choices are within a short walk from Tempe Mission Palms.


Arizona Football Frenzy at Tempe Mission Palms

July 25, 2012

Are you ready for some exciting Pac-12 college football in Tempe, Arizona?  Head to Tempe Mission Palms where you can walk to Sun Devil Stadium, and cheer on ASU (or your favorite visiting team) at one of their six home games.  New head coach Todd Graham takes over the reins at their opening game on August 30th.


Explore What's New in Tempe and Plan your Next Meeting

July 17, 2012

There’s never been a more exciting time to plan a meeting in Tempe, Arizona. The Mill Avenue District is growing at an unprecedented pace, including the re-opening of the historic Hayden Flour Mill, and several new restaurants just in the past few months.


Top Ten Team Building Activities in Tempe, Arizona

July 12, 2012

A key part of a successful meeting in Tempe, Arizona is hosting fun, interactive team building activities.  I have compiled my list of the “Top Ten Team Building Activities in Tempe” that are sure to be memorable, educational, and most of all - FUN for your attendees.


Southwestern Blue Corn Crepe Recipe

July 09, 2012

If you are looking for a unique breakfast recipe, then your search has ended here!  Chef Michael Scott used the indicative flavors of the southwest to create a unique twist on this “French” classic.  A delicate blue corn crepe meets the bold southwestern filling, served with breakfast potatoes and a drizzle of cilantro hollandaise.  Impress your guests at your next breakfast or brunch with this delicious recipe from our table to yours – enjoy!


Sizzling Summer Deals in Tempe

July 06, 2012

Some of the best travel deals in Arizona are during the summer months, with savings that are sure to stretch your vacation budget much further. Tempe Mission Palms offers many hotel packages, but the best travel deal in Tempe is the Sizzling Summer offer!


How to Save Money on Employee Appreciation Parties

June 27, 2012

Has the economy made your employee appreciation budget a bit tighter? Tempe Mission Palms has some savvy ideas to help the event planner save money, and still plan great employee functions. 

Beat the Summer Blues with Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Arizona

June 15, 2012

If you are trying to beat summer boredom and stay cool in the hot Arizona sun, try hopping on a Paddle Board at Tempe Town Lake! With 220 surface acres of cool-water fun, our neighboring lake is the perfect place to try this new sport. 


Wild Weather in Tempe

June 14, 2012

Arizona is known mostly for its warm, sunny weather, but it may be of surprise to you that Arizona also has some wild weather. During late spring, the weather starts out hot and dry, but beginning around mid-June, wind patterns shift and moisture gets drawn from the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of California, and even the Gulf of Mexico.  When this happens, the humidity and dew point rise, triggering these exciting storms.


Chef Scott’s Strawberry BBQ Hot Sauce Recipe

June 04, 2012

Chef Michael Scott, Executive Chef at Tempe Mission Palms, wanted to create a unique recipe using strawberries in a spicy Asian- inspired wing sauce. Enjoy this unique appetizer at Harry’s Place in the Tempe Mission Palms during the month of June.


Meeting in Tempe? Tempe Mission Palms has you Covered

May 22, 2012

Tempe Mission Palms Hotel & Conference Center is the perfect choice for meeting and conferences in the Phoenix/Tempe area. Certified by the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC), Tempe Mission Palms offers contemporary, flexible meeting facilities with unparalleled customer service.


Ideas for Summer Fun in Tempe, Arizona

May 09, 2012

Summer is quickly approaching, meaning it is time to take advantage of the great travel deals in Arizona. One may want to “think twice” about enduring the hot desert temperatures, but rest-assured, it is the best time of the year to enjoy many Arizona attractions. 



Top 5 Apps for Travel

April 19, 2012

With the thousands of apps available for smartphones these days, it can be tough to figure out which apps are worth your time. I have compiled my “Top 5 Apps for Travel” and wanted to share them with you, hoping that they will make your next trip a breeze whether traveling for business or pleasure!


Tempe is the Destination for Business!

April 18, 2012

It is an exciting time to be working in the city of Tempe! Within the past year, it seems like a new business has opened its doors every week, and a new office building pops up every month. Drive along the Rio Salado Parkway, and it looks like downtown Tempe changes daily! In fact, over 300 technology-based firms, and 3,000 finance, insurance, and real estate companies call Tempe “home.”


Eat a cactus? That’s crazy!

April 09, 2012

One of our favorite Arizona treats is the Prickly Pear cactus. This distinctive cactus has many health benefits, including lowering cholesterol, stabilizing blood sugar, and has even been known to treat the dreaded hangover. 


Asparagus, Steak, & Blue Cheese Pizza

April 04, 2012

For a unique pizza dish, we added fresh asparagus, blue cheese, and grilled steak to this version of a "white pizza." This is a perfect addition to your spring menu for lunch or dinner. Enjoy our pizza recipe below!


Taking the Light Rail in Tempe - The Best Way to Get Around

April 03, 2012

Location, location, location! Yes, we all know that “location” is probably top of your list when choosing your hotel on your next Arizona vacation. Luckily, Tempe Mission Palms is not only in the heart of Tempe, on the famous Mill Avenue, but also just steps away from downtown Phoenix & Mesa via the Metro Light Rail.  The Mill and 3rd Street light rail stop is just across from our hotel, stopping to pick up passengers every 20-30 minutes, seven days a week. 


Run Walk Honor

April 02, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012 Pat Tillman put his NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals on hold to serve our country in 2002. In 2004, after his death, his friends and family established the Pat Tillman Foundation.


4.2 Miles to Run, Walk and Honor Pat Tillman

March 30, 2012

Pat Tillman put his NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals on hold to serve our country in 2002.  In 2004, after his death, his friends and family established the Pat Tillman Foundation. 


Summer Fun in Tempe with Hot New Recreation Trend - Stand up Paddle Boarding

March 30, 2012

One of the hottest new recreation and fitness trends is stand-up paddle boarding which is now available right here in Arizona!   


Interview with Chef Michael Scott

March 05, 2012

Recently, I had the chance to sit down with Michael Scott, head chef of Tempe Mission Palms. Graduate of Scottsdale Culinary Institute, Chef Scott has been in the restaurant industry for his entire working life. Whether he is cooking for a huge corporate group, or just a small private party, his passion for great food is obvious.  I hope you enjoy getting to know Chef Scott as much as I did.

Destination Hotels & Resorts Launches Second Annual Kids Healthy Recipe Contest

March 02, 2012

Our Kids Healthy Recipe Contest is back! Submit your favorite healthy recipe that appeals to children and enter to win a two-night stay for four to a full-service Destination Hotels & Resorts property. Recipe submissions must be healthy and appeal to kids – this can be a recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a snack or healthy beverage.


Brandied Sweet Potato and Apple Bisque Recipe

March 01, 2012

Our Destination Dish recipe for March includes the featured ingredient "root vegetables." There are a wide variety of root vegetables and they are important "staple foods" when it comes to most diets. In this recipe by Chef Michael Scott at Tempe Mission Palms, the apples are roasted and compliment the fantastic flavor of the chosen root vegetable - sweet potato. Enjoy!

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